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Eliza’s Manor are a certified Climate Positive, eco friendly Christchurch hotel.

Elizas Manor are certified climate positive Ekos Christchurch fine dining accommodation


We are certified Climate Positive

At Eliza’s we are committed to reducing the impact of our services on climate change . We do this by reducing the carbon footprint of the property and also offset our carbon emissions to become a climate positive hotel in Christchurch.

Working with Ekos and their climate positive calculation tool, 120% of our carbon emissions (61 tonnes ) have been offset for the 2022 financial year with our carbon credits being purchased through Ekos.


How carbon offsetting works

Carbon credits come from the growth of new forests and the protection of existing forests from logging.

Businesses and individuals buy carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions. This funds forest conservation efforts that create measured, reported and verified carbon benefits. This includes the costs of planting and maintaining a forest, as well as lost income for the landowner that would have come from farming or logging the same land.

The outcomes are:

  • Environmental benefits from sustainable land management, waterways protection, and biodiversity conservation;
  • Self sustaining income for landowning communities;
  • Businesses who are investing in a regenerative future.
Elizas Manor certified climate positive Christchurch mountain how carbon offsetting works
Kern Creek forest conservation project supported by Elizas Manor climate positive

forest carbon projects we support

Kern Creek Forest Conservation Project

Nestled between Nelson Lakes and the West Coast, the Kern Creek Forest conservation project protects over 130 ha of mixed forest, with the goal for this to be a native forest and biodiversity haven.

The forest climbs steep hillside to the upper reaches of two tributaries of the Maruia River. One of these is Kern Creek, giving the project its name.

The proceeds from carbon credit sales will be used to preserve and enhance the whole forest project, including for weed and pest control, as well as supporting other forest restoration projects in the region.

forest carbon projects we support

Babatana Rainforest Conservation Project

Protecting tropical lowland rainforest at two sites on South Choiseul, Solomon Islands: Sassamungga and Boeboe. This forest is the habitat for 19 of the 21 frog species found in the Solomon Islands, with 11 identified in a rapid biodiversity survey in the project site.

The project applies an “avoided forest degradation” carbon accounting methodology – otherwise termed “improved forest management” where land use is changed from logging to long term forest protection. A forest inventory was undertaken during 2015 as part of the carbon accounting for the project.

The project’s carbon offsets will be issued by Markit Environmental Registry in London (the world’s leading environmental registry).

Babatana Rainforest Conservation Project climate positive Elizas Manor Christchurch
NZ Sustainable restaurant Elizas Manor Taiki Promise Christchurch
NZ Sustainable fine dining restaurant Elizas Manor Taiki Promise Christchurch
NZ Sustainable fine dining restaurant Elizas Manor Taiki Promise Christchurch hotel

The only thing we overlook is Bealey Ave

Eliza’s Manor, is conveniently located on Bealey Avenue in Christchurch Central.

A stone’s throw from some of Christchurch City’s beautiful attractions.

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Eliza's Manor are a certified Climate Positive, 5-star hotel in Christchurch.

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