Dessert Options

Warm Pecan Brownie (GF)

with espresso ice cream, salted caramel sauce

Apple Tart
With vanilla bean ice cream
Tiramisu Slice

with gingernut ice cream, toasted oat crumb

Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée (GF)
With berry compote, raspberry sorbet
Citrus Cheesecake
With orange & mint salad, lemon sorbet
Dark Chocolate Marquise
with vanilla bean ice cream
Mini Pavlova

with kiwifruit salad & vanilla whipped cream

Freshly Brewed Coffee & a Selection of Teas

Buffet Menu Options

The Bulter
Three Salads, Two Meats, Two Vegetarian, One Seafood & Three Desserts 
$67 Per Person
The Governess
One Soup, Three Salads, Three Meats, Two Vegetarian, One Seafood & Four Desserts
$71 Per Person
The Eliza
One Soup, Four Salads, Three Meats, Three Vegetarian, One Seafood & Four Desserts
$77 Per Person


Creamy roasted red capsicum & tomato, balsamic (GF, V)
Spiced Roast Pumpkin, Cumin scented yoghurt (GF, V)
Roasted sweetcorn, smoked paprika (GF, V, DF)


Fresh Garden Greens (DF, GF, V)
Classic Caesar, Parmesan, Soft egg, Anchovy (GF)
Greek Style Salad, marinated feta, kalamata olives (GF, V)
Sweet potato, celery, pineapple, lime, coriander, sweet chilli (GF, V, DF)
Gourmet potato salad, bacon, seeded mustard, roasted red capsicum
Balsamic marinated baby beetroot, spinach, walnut, feta (GF, V)
Penne pasta, grilled vegetables, broccoli pesto (V)
Grilled calamari, cucumber, red chilli, coriander, crisp shallots (GF, DF)


Meat Options

Whole Roasted Beef Sirloin (GF, DF)

With thyme, parsley, shallot crust 

Roasted Lamb Leg (GF, DF)
With rosemary, garlic, red wine jus
Roasted Free Range Chicken Breast (GF, DF)

with mushroom pine nuts and parsley dressing

Honey & Brown Sugar Baked Ham (GF, DF)
With pineapple, orange jus
Thai Green Chicken Curry (GF, DF)
With coconut, green beans

Seafood Options

Market Fish Fillet

With cherry tomato, basil, chorizo sauce

Poached Rakaia Salmon Fillet
With shaved fennel tomato salad, chive hollandaise
Wok Fried Tiger Prawns (DF)

with chinese greens, fried garlic, soy & oyster sauce

Green Lipped Mussels (DF)
With tomato fondue 

Vegetarian Options

Portobello Mushroom Risotto (V)

With spinach & parmesan

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (V)
With baby spinach, mushroom, white wine sauce
Gourmet Potatoes (GF, V)

with house herb butter 

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables (GF, DF, V)
With rock salt, olive oil
Cauliflower & Cheese (V)
With toasted parmesan crumb
Steamed Basmati Rice (GF, DF, V)

Dessert Options

Seasonal fresh fruit platter (GF, DF)
Apple Crumble Pie, Vanilla bean Anglaise
Raspberry & Toffee Cheesecake (GF)
Flourless Chocolate Torte, Honey comb Ganache (GF)
Citrus Lemon Tart, Meringue Crisp
Tiramisu Gateau, Espresso Ganache
Pavlova, Vanilla Cream, Kiwifruit, Berry Compote (GF)
Sticky Date Pudding, Salted Caramel Sauce
GF = Gluten Free       DF = Dairy Free      V = Vegetarian